Engines & Propellers

Southern Sailplanes is the only UK approved repairer for the following engines & propellers:

  1. -SOLO 2350 series (2350, 2350C, 2350D) repairs

  2. -SOLO 2350 5 year inspections (TM 4603-10)

SOLO engines are installed in many glider types - Schempp-Hirth, Schleicher, DG, LAK & Lange.

  1. -Oehler (Technoflug) folding propeller repairs (OE-FL series Schempp-Hirth propellers).

This means we can work on individual components without having to bring the whole glider to us.

Parts are released on an EASA Form 1. We hold EASA Part-145 B1 & C16 approvals.

Engine & Propeller